3:16 PM

I am home at last. Yesterday I went to this party, it was sorta dope but sometimes it got very sucky. Going to parties shows you that people are what really makes certain moments memorable. When I first started going to parties I had a very stable group of friends that I would stay with and have fun. But as time went on many left the country to go and live better lives somewhere else. Some people just stopped being friends with us. Everyone sorta switched groups but me. I feel like my social skills have been getting worse. I used to be able to talk with everyone and be friends with everyone but as time goes on I started being afraid of social contact, which is very bad, because I love having friends to spend quality time with. The use of drugs and alcohol makes the night bareable. You end up having sort of a good time with total strangers.

i just don't know anymore, hope fate changes my mind.

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