Summer is being quite nice but it's not good enough to the point it could shake off the feelings of regret from me

I am trying to find activities and things to keep my mind busy but it is getting the best of me.

I bought a skateboard at the mall and I am trying to learn how to ride switch so I can start doing cool stuff on ramps n all

I want to get some cool clothes and a new pair of vans because i shreded my old ones

I am planning on taking some HTML course that is a little bit more advanced and m,aybe even change the style of my website, Idek

I applied for college yesterday, it is still surreal that high school is over, I cant fathom it at all. People say things will fall into place and I'll get used to it, I don't really buy it, but whatever.

I try to lie but things are not brighter

I guess it's lunch time

Lunch time over, I find it harder everyday to be able to fulfill my basic human functions, it's starting to become a burden. I dont't know where I am going

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