I havent done much, my summer is sucking and it is all my fault. College is almost beginning and I don't want to take part on it.

In the beginning of summer everything was being nice, I was doing lots of things but then I don't know what happened and I stopped doing lots of things. I had a very achievable bucket list.

I'm a big dummy, I hate this. I can't believe i didn't do shit.

I went to the county carnival fair and went around skateboarding but injured my right foot.

I regret not taking pictures of things I did, not talking with my friends and being a stooped ass pussy that is always afraid of something.

I am angry that I didn't get to go to one of the best festivals of all time just cause I had to be at my cousins' house, as if I couldn't go later. I didn't go see boy pablo and new order. It's always the same thing, last year I didn't get to see nine inch nails.

Was I meant to feel joy?

I think not.


I am watching a dumb series called chernobyl and I am angry that the actors only speak english instead of russian meanwhile it is the USSR.

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