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(they're a bit late since I've been quarantined for like a week as of the beginning of these diaries- 21st march)

Day 1-8 (march 12th to 20th)

School got cancelled for me on the 11th at around 10 pm. On the 13th school was cancelled nationwide. The boomers in my house still go out and do not give a crap about the fact that the government declared an emergency state! I love them a lot but jesus christ i do not understand how people can be so selfish and ignorant. It felt surreal to listen to our president and prime minister talk on live national TV, knowing everyone in the country was tuning in to listen to the broadcast, for me it felt like something out of those apocalypse movies.

I'm kind of tired of the people making toilet paper jokes on facebook (i don't use facebook but now that i spend all my time with my family they don't stop showing me those god awful wattered down boomer jokes that they found on fb), it has been going on for like a week... And all the jokes about the quarantine are the same and so formulaic... It was funny in the beginning but now I legit don't get it. I get it, I'm stuck in my own house hahaha funny, haha we no go out heheheh dj quarantine hohihohoho. Who the fuck allowed old people to have phones.

Day 9 (march 21st)

I miss going out with my friends. I miss hanging out with them, even though our schedules were almost 100% imcompatible... I'm tired of being stuck at home, I'm sad I can't tutor people anymore and make money for myself. I am angry at my family for being so out of touch. I'm angry at myself for giving a fuck about what other people say. And I am very angry because I had actual plans for the summer and the upcoming months, my grades were even getting better. But now, my teachers don't know how to use modern tech and they suck at giving us online classe. I guess I will spend most of my time on Khan Academy studying Calculus, and perfecting my skills. I even made a quarantine bucketlist but I feel like I am mentally drained and have no motivation to continue this shit...

body count-1020

Day 10 (march 22nd)

I pulled an allnighter and my brain was fried all day. I went for a walk in my neighborhood because nobody was out, and I didn't see anybody. I started watching 13 reasons why season 3 and it brought back so many junior year memories. I had like an epiphany but lowkey forgot it cause my brain was retarded.

body count-1600

Day 11 (march 23rd)

Woke up hella late and I think I missed my online classes. Screamed at my dad. I hate actually bonding with my family, I'm used to being neglected and I don't want to talk with anyone. My dad and my aunt get drunk and it's annoying. My grandpa is a dumb boomer and is always making sexist remarks about everything women do. He is also afraid of people that are smart and knowledgeable.

I wish famous singers and artists would stop singing for us on social media and started donating money to help with the crisis. The only good thing about all of this mess is that our environment is recovering but I bet people will fuck it up as soon as they can. I am also kind of angry at people that are like "oo now that we have this pandemic situation we can use the internet as a tool, elders can have designated assisted shopping hours and help, all of a sudden disabled people can work from home, hmmmmm suspicious hmmmmmm, government bad.." Elders are being helped because now that literally everybody is stuck at home, it is easier to help, we don't have to spend the same ammount of time getting ready or looking "presentable", we don't have to commute to work, so of course we have more time to help elders. We obviously can't go to school, so we have to resort to online platforms and conferences, but the assisted learning that schools are offering to us is nothing compared to services dedicated solely for online school. Also, lots of schools have activities that requires being at school. You can learn a fuckton of shit about labs, but if you've never done a single task in a lab you won't have much ease. Once again working at a location is usually more efficient than working from home. People have their heads way too far up their asses and think they're woke.

body count-2060

Day 12 (march 24th)

I legit just went to online class and almost passed out. I fucking hate this. I was not meant to be stuck at home for this long when I finally have real life friends!!!

body count-2362

Day 13 (march 25th)

i woke up late as fuck and missed online class but hope my teacher uploaded the classes. I am so tired fuck my life I hate everything and everyone. I want to buy a new phone so I can have a better camera on it, I was gonna save for a Huawei maybe, but now I can't even work. My grandpa still leaves the house to go out and chill at the café! I bet the guy is running the establishmemt illegally, since the government said all food places need to fucking close.

body count-2995

Day 14 (march 26th)

I can't recall what happened yesterday, I know I procrastinated. I just forgot to type it down and my memory has been failing recently.

body count-3544

Day 15 (march 27th)

My country declared a state of emergency (not today, some days ago) and my grandpa still leaves the damn house to go out and hang out with the other redneck friends of his. I am getting tired of people who say they don't care about the virus because it is not affecting them personally. Yeah ok edgelord, but don't you think that if you keep acting this wreckless we will have to stay at home for longer? Because of people that think they are so brave we will have to stay more time at home ruining the economy. I am tired of waking up everyday to go and check how many people died and got infected, to then stay home. I hate this.

body count-4268

death bed-76

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