there isn't a day that I don't regret my existence

I don't think my soul was meant to rest, at least it won't rest here

I am just a shadow of my former self, meant to suffer as I vanish



I can see right through myself

Less concerned

About fitting into the world

Your world, that is

'cause it doesn't really matter

Any more

No, it doesn't really matter


I think I've lost it all

No perception of what I am


'Til the casket drops, I will play God

Fuck the world, let's start a riot, got too much too quick

God damn, I'm feeling sick, bitch, call the doctor

Don't act like I ain't been dead to ya

Don't act like I ain't deserve this shit

Couldn't last a day inside my head

That's why I did the drugs I did

Got issues with these motherfuckers

Looking down from they pedestals

From that petty view, on that petty shit

Pray for peace with a knife in my hand

Speak my piece like a gun to my head

Come equipped just to blast this shit

Misunderstood since birth

Fuck what you think, and fuck what you heard

I feel betrayed, you can keep the praise

And all of the fuck shit, need to get away

Still ain't got the fright to the fickle-minded people

I thought I knew better, wish I knew better

Should have known better, wish that I was better


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